Our Distinctives

Fiduciary means that our advice always has your best interest at heart

As a Fee-Only registered investment advisor, Fairhope’s Brown Financial Advisory is committed to three fundamental principles:

We don’t charge or receive commissions

We have a straightforward, fee-only compensation structure. We do not charge commissions, we receive no compensation from other parties, and there are no hidden fees and no surprises!

In the financial services industry, many consumers do not understand how much  they are paying  because fees and high commissions are not  disclosed to them. We always provide full disclosure of your costs, so as a client of Brown Financial,  you always know in advance what you will pay for the services provided– always.

Your interests are always placed above ours

It’s an uncommon word – fiduciary – but fiduciary relationships are the only relationships that protect you. The fiduciary standard is the highest standard of practice in our industry. Simply stated, fiduciary means that your interests are always placed above ours and that any potential conflicts of interest are disclosed. It also means that our compensation is aligned with your goals…. we do well when you do well.

Most investment advisors and brokerage firms cannot call themselves fiduciaries because the standard of practice is so high. This standard is what we would expect for ourselves and our investments and we feel it is the only logical service standard for people who strive to be good stewards of their resources.

Life is more than accumulating assets

Our clients are often at a stage of life when they are starting to think about giving back and using their resources for the greatest good. Our approach to financial planning is aimed at helping clients align their resources with their goals and values. Guiding clients in discovering the potential their assets provide helps Brown Financial clients live with more purpose.

These three principles ensure alignment with our clients’ goals. It is the right way to do business.


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