Marla McLeod, FPQP®

Office Manager

Marla is a people person. It is not so much that she is the “life of the party” but more that she cares deeply about people in a way that is unique.

Marla McLeodThis uniqueness shows in her relationships and how she serves our clients. Just like in her first job as a “candy striper” in the local hospital, she is proactive and relentless in finding ways to make people’s lives easier.

Marla is responsible for bookkeeping, supervising our portfolio management software and CRM, training employees, overseeing day to day back office operations and human resource functions. She manages to keep us all straight while maintaining a big smile and often feeding us with homemade goodies.


She received her Financial Paraplanner Qualified Professional™ designation in February 2013 from the College of Financial Planning. Her course of study covers the five disciplines of financial planning and gives her practical knowledge of the profession, making her even more valuable to our clients.

Marla and Scott have been happily married since 1997 and have two children, Banner and McKenzie. Marla enjoys spending time with her family and making lasting memories. She loves to serve others, spend time outside and enjoys baking when she has time.