How We Work Together

A holistic approach to financial planning and wealth management.

Your trusted financial advisor.

When you partner with Brown Financial, we’ll be a trusted guide in managing your investments, keeping your financial goals on track, and addressing other life planning questions about retirement, education costs, insurance needs, and more.

Learn about our approach to financial planning and wealth management.


As fiduciaries within a fee-only compensation model, our advisors can better focus on your financial success and have your best interest at heart, without worrying about commissions, punitive fees, or conflicts of interest.


We’ll typically check in quarterly, semiannually, or annually based on your needs; however, our team is available as often as you’re comfortable. Between meetings, we’ll provide ongoing communications about your portfolio’s progress and the markets.


In collaboration, we design targeted investment portfolios with time-tested strategies and flexible, long-term roadmaps to achieve financial success. But our holistic planning extends beyond that to your non-financial goals and dreams still waiting to be realized.

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Maximize Your Financial Potential


Get guidance in complete financial solutions through our continuous, repeatable, and predictable process that addresses critical questions in retirement, investments, insurance, taxes, estate planning, and more.

Wealth Management Services

Learn about our common sense approach to investment management that aims to reduce risk while maximizing the potential in every client’s investment portfolio.