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Bob and Joanne are in their 70s, enjoying retirement life split between homes in Gulf Shores and Colorado, volunteering and staying active in the community.

Bob & Joanne

  • After years of buying and selling numerous businesses and properties, they’re seeking a firm that understands their extensive investments and complex financial life
  • They previously worked with a family office in Pensacola that was recently acquired and wish to find a similarly attentive and personable firm
  • They love their retirement life and want to ensure they can maintain their lifestyle and income as long as possible

  • True Planning Cycle (TPC), a holistic approach to financial planning that considers income, taxes, retirement goals, and estate plans
  • A straightforward, disciplined investment philosophy that reduces risk and prioritizes long-term success
  • Truly objective guidance and personalized service

  • Our year-round TPC gave the couple more peace of mind that we would identify tax-efficient solutions to manage their multiple properties, retirement income, and investments on an ongoing basis to achieve a range of goals
  • The couple benefited from our suite of modern investment tools and expertise to develop diversified portfolios using time-tested strategies proven successful in good and bad markets
  • The couple appreciated that, as fiduciaries, we always put their interest first. We use solutions we’d recommend to our own families to address complex needs while staying collaborative and responsive

These are fictional and hypothetical case studies, representative of our clients and who we best serve. Any specifics are not meant to imply guarantees of success.

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