Investment Philosophy

A common sense approach to investing

Consistent with some of the greatest investment theories of our time, we use a common sense approach to reduce investment risk while maximizing the potential in every client’s investment portfolio.

When we manage your investments, we also provide ongoing financial planning as part of the engagement for no additional cost.

Our Core Plus Investment Management Philosophy


Your portfolio should have a base that is similar to the broader market, its Core. In today’s information-filled world, markets are generally efficient and all publicly available information is immediately priced in. Research shows that trying to “beat the market” is increasingly more difficult and often results in underperformance over time. To perform well, you need to have Core investments.

Your investments should be low cost. Research also demonstrates that the single most predictable determinant of performance is cost. Lower-cost alternatives will always outperform higher-cost alternatives over time. We strive to help you identify the best investments with the lowest costs.

Your savings should be broadly diversified. It is a simple idea but having “too many eggs in one basket” is a problem we still see in portfolios every day. Protecting your savings through broad-based diversification helps ensure that you do not have too much exposure in one place but gives opportunities to participate when the markets are doing well, wherever that is. Consistent rebalancing ensures that you are never too far away from the Core.


Sometimes the markets provide opportunities you can’t afford to miss. Our dynamic Core Plus investment process seeks to apply small changes to a low-cost Core portfolio, with the goal of enhancing your returns. Although generally efficient, sometimes the global markets experience anomalies that create opportunities for you. By taking advantage of these anomalies, we help you outperform over time without getting too far from the efficient Core.

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