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The Smith family, consisting of Howard and Meredith, both in their late 70s, and their three adult children, has significant, long-established wealth through inheritances and several successful business ventures.

Howard & Meredith

  • Howard and Meredith want a seamless estate transfer to preserve their family’s wealth and legacy for their adult children and grandchildren after they pass
  • While living out of state, the couple’s adult children want to understand their parents’ final wishes better and gain trusted wealth management guidance for this level of assets and complexity
  • It’s essential for the family to mutually agree about the estate’s future and address concerns in a supportive, objective environment

  • Facilitation surrounding the estate and the family’s wishes
  • Direction in portfolio construction and financial planning that emulate future assets under management
  • Tax-advantaged strategies for an efficient transfer of wealth

  • We built a client relationship with the children remotely to proactively discuss their questions and concerns and establish trust long before a significant life-planning event occurred
  • As their financial planning team, we helped them maintain continuity and become familiar with our processes, level of care, and team
  • Through collaboration, tax-efficient strategies such as trusts, and pre-inheritance experiences that led the family through gifting scenarios, the family felt better prepared and confident in the future wealth transfer

These are fictional and hypothetical case studies, representative of our clients and who we best serve. Any specifics are not meant to imply guarantees of success.

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