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Business owners and executives

William and Linda are business owners in their 40s preparing to retire in the next 10 years, ideally in a beachfront property.

William & Linda

  • As new residents to Baldwin County, they’re seeking to partner with a financial firm familiar with the area
  • They want to make the most of their retirement years while establishing financial security for their two teenage children and future grandchildren
  • They wish to build charitable giving into their overall financial plan

  • True Planning Cycle (TPC), a holistic approach to financial planning that considers income, taxes, retirement goals, and estate plans
  • Portfolio management that allocates investments based on their projected retirement date, risk profile, and ideal lifestyle
  • Alignment of their wealth and values to give back to the causes and organizations important to them

  • Our TPC and consistent communications helped streamline the couple’s financial life, including their business needs and philanthropic desires
  • With a greater sense of peace, they could focus on their business and succession planning, knowing their investments were aligned with their retirement goals
  • The couple was excited to leverage our firm’s connection to Baldwin County to explore and get involved in the local community

These are fictional and hypothetical case studies, representative of our clients and who we best serve. Any specifics are not meant to imply guarantees of success.

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